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正规买球app十佳排行… International

Our academic 而且 研究 activities make a vital impact world-wide. 17 percent of 买球app哪个好用官网app’s 学生 body is international, represented by 110 countries around the world.

country flags displayed in front of first peoples house

Global engagement

买球app哪个好用官网app has more than 300 active global partnerships. 的se partnerships enable 学生s, 工作人员 而且 教师 to study 而且 do 研究 abroad.

We also welcome hundreds of international visitors 每年. 的se include delegations, visiting 学者s, post-doctoral fellows, 研究 学生s 而且 more.

买球app哪个好用官网app has an established Off-校园 Activity Risk Management Policy. This policy supports procedures to ensure that travellers are prepared f或者一个nd safe throughout their trip abroad. We have partnered with International SOS (ISOS) to offer emergency medical, 安全 而且 security advice, referrals 而且 emotional support when travelling.

International 研究

买球app哪个好用官网app ranks among the world’s best 而且 most internationally-engaged 研究 universities.

Our international focus infuses the work of every 教师 而且 研究 centre.

学生 on bench reading book

Visiting international 研究ers

Learn more about 买球app哪个好用官网app’s 研究 strengths 而且 find out how we can help you accomplish your 研究 goals.

Visit 买球app哪个好用官网app as a post-doctoral fellow, a 学者 或者一个 学生.

Learn about the funding opportunities available to 研究ers visiting 买球app哪个好用官网app.

Opportunities for international 学生s

International Centre for 学生 offers programs 而且 support for new 而且 current 买球app哪个好用官网app 学生s.

学生 can add an international experience to their 买球app哪个好用官网app studies. We offer exchanges, field schools 而且 co-op work terms around the world.

We provide funding opportunities for both outbound 而且 inbound 学生s.

If you're an international 学生 seeking entry to a 买球app哪个好用官网app degree program, visit under研究生 or 研究生 招生.

We offer useful resources 而且 advice for international 学生s coming to 买球app哪个好用官网app.

We also support short-term 学生s such as visiting 研究 学生s, exchange 学生s, visiting 学生s, 而且 study abroad 学生s.

group of international 学生s

买球app哪个好用官网app Global 社区

买球app哪个好用官网app Global 社区 creates opportunities f或者一个ll 学生s, 工作人员 而且 教师 to connect 而且 celebrate diversity.

We offer mentorship programs, 事件, activities 而且 more to cultivate an intercultural 而且 globally-minded campus.


Open 2022 Victoria Forum

2022 Victoria Forum

This August, 买球app哪个好用官网app 而且 the Senate of 加拿大 are co-hosting an international forum seeking solutions 而且 strategies f或者一个n increasingly polarized world. Bridging Divides: Turf, Truth 而且 Trust is a...

July 2022 ringers

Staff in 校友 而且 Development were recently recognized as leaders in university advancement by CASE 而且 CCAE for several innovative, creative 而且 inspiring projects.

Open Healing technology

Healing technology

的 Victoria H而且 Project team, led by alumnus Michael Peirone, designs low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics f或者一个mputees in need while providing 买球app哪个好用官网app 学生s with valuable skills 而且 training.

Open 2022 买球app哪个好用官网app Order of 加拿大

2022 买球app哪个好用官网app Order of 加拿大

Pioneering jurist Marion Buller, the University of Victoria’s chancellor, former 买球app哪个好用官网app president Jamie Cassels 而且 Jan Zwicky, acclaimed poet 而且 philosopher 而且 professor emeritus are among 85 new...

More international news

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